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Arquitectura provides a full range of Architectural Services, and is actively involved in the Project from conception thru completion. These services include, but are not limited to:

1. Schematic/Conceptual Design:
Site visits to evaluate site conditions/views
With Project Parameters defined, Conceptual Schemes evolve.

2. Design Development:
A Conceptual scheme is selected, and is developed in more detail.
Digital integration allow for instant “live-time” collaboration.

3. Construction Documents:
All Documents necessary for Permitting & Construction
Coordination with consultants.
Submittals to Review Boards
Submittals to acquire Building Permits.

4. Bidding/Negotiation:
If you do not yet have a contractor in mind, Arquitectura can provide a list of Preferred Contractors, facilitate interviews and assist in the selection process.

5. Construction Administration:
Regular site visits during the course of construction are conducted to monitor progress and ensure adherence to the plans.
Review shop drawings, change orders and material samples
Review and process payment certificates.